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Love that beet-iful footer! @riverflows is a dear for making some gorgeous ones for the garden journal.

If you bring me some of those beets, I'll be happy to whip up another batch! I have another bulk order coming in today of those lovely black lentils. They're one of my favorite lentil varieties lately.

I had been telling @fionasfavourites I had seen a few people (even folks I personally know) on traditional social media lately whine about people who write recipe posts but type up a "full novel" before they actually get to the recipe. Which is frustrating because who are you to complain when you are getting a recipe for free? It's not that hard to scroll down if you don't want to read the rest of my post (though as Fiona mentioned--that's where most of the good tips are). I never have that problem here on Hive, luckily, which is probably why I've always enjoyed interacting on here more than most other sites!

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