The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge: 100% Vegan Day!

Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Here @sirenahippie!

We are about to finish this anniversary month of Plant Power (Vegan). A month that has been one of growth, in which our family of users has grown significantly, which makes us very happy, because every day more and more people join us to share vegan content. And to conclude this month of celebration, today we bring a new challenge plant-based, and this time, we have the support of allied communities, such as:

  • @visualblock their support will be through votes to some participating posts.

  • @ecency their support will be through sponsorship with @ecency points.

  • @holoslotus their support will be through votes to some participating posts.

Before we go on to give you the details of this new challenge, we would like to inform you that tomorrow, Tuesday, September 27, 2022, we will announce the winners of the previous community challenge The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge: A Birthday Cake!

And to celebrate this month, nothing better than a new community challenge, which we present below.


The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge (please read carefully the conditions and prizes)

This time we want you to prepare and share with all of us, a 100% VEGAN DAY in the community challenge; however, there are certain conditions for you to participate:
  • We would like you to make a post, where you develop a 100% VEGAN DAY, which includes at least, the preparation of the three meals that are made regularly in a day, ie: A breakfast, a lunch and a dinner; and if you want to include any other experience or recipe, it is also valid, it is at your discretion.

  • All recipes must be 100% vegan.

  • You must appear in at least 6 photos, elaborating your recipes.


    We hope you have a lot of fun with this new themed challenge HIVE!



    • Only one post per participant will be accepted.

    • Post must be published in this Plant Power (Vegan) community.

    • No meat, dairy or ANY animal products (milk, cheese, butter, honey, egg, etc.)

    • Please be original - no old content and nothing plagiarized! (The post that incurs in plagiarized will be disqualified).

    • You must appear in at least six photos making the recipes.

    • Use the tags: #vegan #plantbased #plant in the first five places.

    • Reblog this post if you can & mention it within the post.

    • Invite a friend!

    • Engage with others!

    • Drop your link below - no link, no entry!


    • We have 5 prizes of 4 Hive each.

    • HIVE rewards courtesy of @riverflows.

    • Additionally, there are prizes in Ecency points sponsored by the platform @ecency @melinda010100 also by @itsostylish

    • Additional prizes, sponsored by @sirenahippie.

    • Great posts will be reblogged and maybe even tipped!


    We look forward to your participation!


    Delegations welcome!
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