MEATLESS MONDAY: Rice pudding, Onions rings, Pancit Canton Noodle, Indian Dinner Plate, Banana Porridge, Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms


The Meatless Monday curation aims to value the commitment of users within our community and the HIVE ecosystem, through the curation of posts with good content related to vegan food. Our intention is to help these authors feel valued and recognize authentic and original work, done with love and dedication. That said, let's get started with this beautiful compilation.


A new week has begun, so I wish you days of happiness, health, blessings and much prosperity, dear friends of the Plant Power (Vegan) community, from here I, @sirenahippie, send you a big hug. And although it's already Monday night, as usual today we bring a new MEATLESS MONDAY, in which we compile some of the excellent vegan recipes that have been published on Hive in the last 7 days.


As always, I want to take advantage of this publication, to ask all those who make life in our community, to take into account the topics that can be published here, being these:

  • Experiences with a vegan diet.
  • Ethics of animal agriculture.
  • How to grow a kitchen garden for your plant based food.
  • The best herbs and spices to have in a vegan kitchen.
  • Meat free Mondays - why they're a good idea.


We wanted to emphasize the importance of only using original content. I remind you that we do NOT accept photos or text from third parties, even if they are copyright free. We also remind them of the importance of not including animal products in their recipes, such as butter, eggs, honey, etc., the idea is that they share vegan recipes.

Also, it is important that you use the hashtag #vegan #plant #plantbased. And we invite you to join the curation trail, because every day we try to bring a little love to those valuable posts that are on the platform, no matter if they are not about food, it can be any other content, except those topics that oppose veganism.

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Although it is true, almost all the recipes were very good; today, like every Monday, we have chosen six of them, which we consider worthy of mention and recognition; however, in our community's other vegan content curation, VEGAN LOVE TO US and THE BEST OF THE WEEK, we'll highlight other great 100% vegan recipes.

This week we have a very interesting gastronomic route. We start with a delicious and traditional dessert, a rice pudding. Then we go with some salty and healthy snacks, some onions rings. Then we will eat a delicious and colorful plate of pancit Canton noodle. Later we will stop to eat a royal dinner: an Indian Dinner Plate, which we will accompany with a portion of banana porridge; and finish with a wonderful plate of vegan stuffed mushrooms. Let's travel the world with this delicious vegan gastronomic route!


A very traditional recipe from Spain, such as rice pudding, or sweet rice, takes on a new nuance from the hand of @oscarps, who makes this exquisite dessert using 100% vegan ingredients, such as rice milk and sugar birch, while using a very practical crock pot for its preparation. Let's get to know this sweet recipe!

Photo Edits @oscarps in Plant Power (Vegan) - Slow Cooked Rice Pudding | @oscarps


Onion rings are delicious and healthy snacks, and although it is thought that their preparation is something very simple, nothing could be further from the truth, since quality ingredients and good technique are required. And it was precisely this recipe that @marbrym shared this week in the community, some 100% vegan onion rings that are a delight. Let's get to know this crispy recipe!

Aros de cebolla 🧄: En vez de llorar me hizo reir [ES|EN] - Onion rings 🧄 : Instead of crying it made me laugh | @marbrym


Sauteing is a cooking technique that, when applied well, helps to create great dishes. And if anyone knows this technique well, it is @mers, who has shared several vegan recipes using sautéing as a way of cooking. Now this week he brought us a delicious recipe, where pancit noodles, mung bean sprouts, fried tofu and other ingredients are harmoniously combined to create a great dish. Let's see this colorful recipe!

Pancit Canton Noodle with Mung Bean Sprouts Garnished with Deep-fried Tofu | @mers


Indian cuisine is very rich in preparations and techniques. The use of spices and goods ingredients, makes it one of the best cuisines in the world. And a recipe for an Indian dish for dinner, Hindavi has brought us on this occasion, a complete meal in which a stew of potatoes and cauliflower in red sauce, accompanied by exquisite rice and chapati bread, make this dinner a delight. Let's see this special recipe!

Meatless Monday Indian Dinner Plate. | @hindavi


Desserts that are part of Indonesian cuisine generally take advantage of seasonal fruits, such is the case of the recipe that @nurfay brought us this week, a banana porridge, with sago pearls, palm sugar and milk of coconut. A delicious preparation that can not only be eaten cold but can also be made into ice creams. Let's get to know this healthy recipe!

How To Prepare Banana Porridge Palm Sugar Pearls Sago | @nurfay


To make the most of food, @itsostylish creates practical and great recipes, like the one she shared in the community this week: Some stuffed mushrooms, which are very easy to make and the result is delicious. Let's get to know this excellent and practical recipe!

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms | @itsostylish


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