MEATLESS MONDAY: Bean and Walnut Burger, Mung Beans White Porridge Mixed with Corn, Pumpkin cream, Guava jam, Getuk, Oatmeal and Cambur Cookies


The Meatless Monday curation aims to value the commitment of users within our community and the HIVE ecosystem, through the curation of posts with good content related to vegan food. Our intention is to help these authors feel valued and recognize authentic and original work, done with love and dedication. That said, let's get started with this beautiful compilation.


Greetings to all. Here @sirenahippie, and it's this new week I hope you have all the success and prosperity possible, dear friends of the Plant Power (Vegan) community, so I send you a big hug, and here I bring you another MEATLESS MONDAY, which is a special cure, where we collect six of the best vegan recipes that have been published in our community, in the last seven days.


As always, I want to take advantage of this publication, to ask all those who make life in our community, to take into account the topics that can be published here, being these:
  • Experiences with a vegan diet.
  • Ethics of animal agriculture.
  • How to grow a kitchen garden for your plant based food.
  • The best herbs and spices to have in a vegan kitchen.
  • Meat free Mondays - why they're a good idea.


We wanted to emphasize the importance of only using original content. I remind you that we do NOT accept photos or text from third parties, even if they are copyright free. We also remind them of the importance of not including animal products in their recipes, such as butter, eggs, honey, etc., the idea is that they share vegan recipes.

Also, it is important that you use the hashtag #vegan #plant #plantbased. And we invite you to join the curation trail, because every day we try to bring a little love to those valuable posts that are on the platform, no matter if they are not about food, it can be any other content, except those topics that oppose veganism.

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Although it is true, almost all the recipes were very good; today, like every Monday, we have chosen six of them, which we consider worthy of mention and recognition; however, in our community's other vegan content curation, VEGAN LOVE TO US and THE BEST OF THE WEEK, we'll highlight other great 100% vegan recipes.

We started our gastronomic journey eating a delicious bean and walnut burger. Then we will eat a comforting plate of white bean porridge with corn. The next stop will be to eat a soft pumpkin cream, and for dessert we will have an exquisite guava jam, with a portion of Indonesian Getuk and some tasty oatmeal and banana cookies. Let's travel the world with this delicious vegan gastronomic route!


For this week @oscarps brought us a great and versatile alternative, a delicious 100% vegan burger, which he made from red beans and walnuts. A very complete meal that is delicious. Let's see this great recipe!

Photo Edits @oscarps in Plant Power (Vegan) - Bean and Walnut Burger | @oscarps


Porridge food is excellent food, very nutritious, simple and practical, and this time @anggreklestari has shared with us an excellent porridge recipe made from mung beans, white beans and tender corn, a sweet preparation that turns out to be a very nutritious dish. Let's see this powerful recipe! /div>

Mung Beans White Porridge Mixed with Corn | @anggreklestari


Pumpkin is a noble ingredient, since with it we can make from a good smoothie to a cake, it is a vegetable that we can eat in both sweet and savory dishes. And a soft pumpkin cream, was the recipe that @yraimadiaz shared with us this week, an exquisite cream that could well be the star of a lunch or dinner. Let's see this delicious recipe!

✨Delicious pumpkin cream ✨[ENG/ESP]| @yraimadiaz


Guava jam is a delight, but if we add a plus to it, such as banana and lemon juice, the level of flavor increases, and we obtain something very special. And this recipe was the one that @anacarolina2022 brought this week, a unique, delicious guava jam. Let's see this tasty recipe!



Traditional Indonesian cuisine is very rich and diverse, and @umirais always shares these good recipes in our community, and for this week she brings us Getuk cake, a very traditional recipe from the city of Kediri. It is an easy-to-prepare dessert that only requires the initial cooking of the bananas, which are the base of this dish, and then mixed with palm sugar and grated coconut. Let's see this recipe so practical and traditional!

Getuk, traditional east java cake | @umirais


On certain occasions it provokes us to eat a sweet and healthy snack, and nothing better than the cookies that @franciscana23 brought us this week. An economical recipe, simple, but delicious and very nutritious and good for your health. Let's see this good recipe!

[ESP-ENG] Deliciosas Galletas de Avena y Cambur Veganas, te muestro como hacerlas // Delicious Vegan Oatmeal and Cambur Cookies, I show you how to make them | @franciscana23


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