How To Prepare Banana Porridge Palm Sugar Pearls Sago


Palm sugar sago porridge, often a special dessert menu at my house, besides the taste is very good, the addition of pearl sago and palm sugar is very good for my mother's stomach condition who can't eat fast food sold outside the home. To make this banana compote I add palm sugar instead of granulated sugar.



8 kepok bananas
200 grams of brown sugar
200 grams of sago
1 pandan leaf
1 liter coconut milk

Kepok bananas are one of the fruits that are favored by various circles, using bananas as a dessert menu for the family is the right choice when the banana harvest season begins. The dessert menu which is sweet and gravy is very suitable when the rainy season is about to arrive because these days in my area the weather is very cloudy and sometimes a little drizzle occurs. Besides the weather, some time ago the banana harvest was very abundant in my mother's garden, she usually processed these bananas to be used as chips. However, when he wanted to eat a sweet dish, he left a few bananas, he asked me to cook sago banana palm sugar compote.

Cooking Preparation

Step 1

I always think of making a delicious special compote, first I always prepare coconut milk from 1 whole coconut which I then blend, while preparing the coconut milk I boil the pearl sago seeds in 1 cup of water.


Step 2

Next, when the pearl sago begins to expand or ripen, the brown sugar is finely chopped, then add the brown sugar to the boiled sago, mix well until the brown sugar dissolves.



Step 3

Then, put the thick coconut milk into the pearl sago stew.


Step 4

Add enough pandan leaves so that the aroma of the porridge is more flavorful, add a tablespoon of salt or according to taste, wait until the coconut milk starts to boil.


Step 5

I immediately started preparing the bananas, which I cut into pieces.


Step 6

Then enter the banana slices into the porridge container, stir until completely evenly distributed.


Step 7

Now cook again until it boils and the bananas start to ripen to perfection. Wait until the porridge starts to cool and you can serve it in a bowl.



Step 8

Now, to make popsicles, I add the porridge mixture into the elongated plastic popsicle. Then I freeze it in the fridge.



Prepare a dish to prepare brown sugar kepok banana porridge with sago pearls, serve dessert while hot or cold, This is also very suitable to accompany your breakfast. The resulting taste is fresh, sweet and savory and you will smell the very fragrant pandan leaves and the natural sweet aroma of palm sugar. You will also find the soft texture of the kepok banana and the slightly sour sweet taste of this banana, perfect for culinary lovers. Besides the banana flavor from sago that stands out, it's really very tasty and good for the stomach.


In addition to porridge, I also froze parts of this porridge banana in my cupboard colding, I did this to please my nephew so as not to buy ice lolly snacks outside, I tricked this compote to make a delicious and different ice lolly. At first he was suspicious of this ice lolly because it was similar to the compote that I served for my mother, because of her love for ice, then she really liked one piece of candle and it turned out that she really liked it and she spent time with her friends.

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