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Klepon (Indonesia Traditional Snack) from Sweet Potato

Klepon is a Indonesian snack that is sold in traditional markets. This is my favorite food, which is made of sweet potato, which is then mixed with glutinous rice flour, and filled with brown sugar.


The most fun weekends are used to explore yourself in the kitchen. today I make Klepon from yellow sweet potato in glutinous rice, coconut grated and palm sugar. To make this snack also very easy and cheap. We don't need spend a lot money to buy Ingredients:


Ingredients we need are

We need ingredients all:

• 1 kg of yellow or red sweet potatoes
• 150 grams of glutinous rice flour
• 150 grams of palm sugar
• 200 ml coconut
• 2 pandan leaves
• 1 grated coconut
• A pinch of salt
• A pinch of vanilla


Step 1: smashed sweet potato and mix with glutinous flour


Step 2: prepare palm sugar to fill inside the ball snack


Step 3: make round the dough and fill palm sugar inside


Step 4: Boiled the sticky ball 10-15 minutes until floating and cook

Steps to Make Klepon

• Steam the sweet potato until cooked then remove
• Mash until smooth.
• Combine sago flour, stir until smooth
• Add a little salt and vanilla to smell good
• Stir the dough until smooth then set aside
• Take the dough, then fill it with palm sugar
• Round shape


Prepare coconut treated, add salt and pandan leave. Steem it 4-5 minutes

Steps to cook klepon

• Boil water until it boils
• Put the klepon circle until it floats
• Lift and drain
• Coat grated coconut
• Klepon is ready to serve


Klepon ready to served

While enjoying coffee and klepon alone brings me together with my family, klepon is a typical Indonesian snack that is sold in traditional markets. My mother often buys us when we go to the market. Moreover, this is my favorite food, which is made of sweet potato, which is then mixed with glutinous rice flour, and filled with brown sugar.


In Taiwan, it's not easy to get klepon, only Toko Indonesia sells it. And I can't go out every day to buy this food. Because I only found it when I visited. So' I prefer to make my onself

That's all my recipe about #KleponSweetPotato I am very happy to be able to share my recipe, photography, and my life as an Indonesian in Taiwan. See you in the next post. May we all always be given health and prosperity always.

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