Hindu Militants Burn Kama Sutra Depicting Hindu Gods in "Vulgar" Poses

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Bajrang Dal, the youth arm of the Hindu nationalist organization Vishva Hindu Parishad, burned a copy of the Kama Sutra in front of a bookstore. According to Bajrang Dal, the Kamasutra has inappropriately depicted Hindu gods. Referring to the various sexual positions shown in the books, calling the positions “vulgar” poses an “objectionable depiction of Lord Krishna.” The copy the group burned was taken from Latitude, a book chain and gift store located in Ahmedabad. Aside from a violent protest against a book that promotes a positive view of sexuality, the group also threatened to burn the book store if they continued selling copies of the Kama Sutra. The president of Bajrang Dal’s North Gujarat chapter, Jwalit Mehta, stated that the burning of the book is a warning to bookstore owners in Ahmedabad that if they keep objectionable material that hurt Hindu sentiments, next time the shops will be set on fire.

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