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Hello Friends!

This is my first post in this community. I am Sao from Myanmar. Yesterday, I was reflecting upon the five elements that can defile our mind and became to realize the importance of clear mindedness based on my experiences. And I would like to share some of them.

It could be an coincidence but I think that one of the reasons I secured the last job was because of my clear mindedness. That time my mind was clear because I just finished forty-days meditation session at a meditation center. And I was looking for a job after that. Then, one day, I received a message from my former colleague informing a new job vacancy notice. She said that she sent it to me because she thought it was suitable to me. I applied for that job and successfully secured it. Actually, I was looking at vacancy notices every day but didn't encounter that vacancy notice. It was like a miracle that she passed me the information. And I was happy to get that job because the salary was much higher than an average salary and the job suited me well.

I took a monkhood while I was at the meditation center; I was there for forty days and the photo was taken on the last day.

Similar event happened to me when I applied for a job when I finished university. At that time, I was just finished school so I was quite motivated and my mind was clear without much attachment and distractions. I applied for a job at a non-governmental organization and I was selected for interview. At that time, there were many competitors (because the job paid well); one applicant had much more experience than me. However, on the interview day, it was said that he could not answer well because he was sleepy for some reason. And I was able to secure that job.

I think, as we are experiencing the world, our pure mind became tainted with greed, anger, pride, frustration, etc. They are like dirt to my mind and make us less attractive to opportunities and miracles I think. It is like when we are dirty and foul smelling, people don't want to approach us. And depression, sadness, worry, pride, etc. can hinder us from receiving miracles I think. I have had bad experience about it when I looked for a job in Singapore. At that time, I didn't get interview and got depressed and frustrated. And, when I got a job offer, I refused it because it is a technician position. By doing that, I think I missed an opportunity that could have been a turning point for my life. In that case, I needed to empty my mind to receive a miracle or for the manifestation to occur I think.

The five elements that I described in the first parts are -

  1. sensory desire
  2. ill will
  3. sloth and torpor
  4. restlessness; distraction of mind (as the result of worry, regret)
  5. doubt

I adopted them from Buddha's teachings and they are also called five hindrances 1 because they can hinder your progress in meditation in achieving peace of mind. Knowing those five elements can be useful to a person who meditates or is trying to manifest. He can be aware of himself when those feelings occur and can recognize them. Recognizing one's emotions or feelings can calm oneself down and adjust one's behavior according to this article 2.

And I think, for law of attraction and manifestation to work well, we need a mind that is free from those elements - a clear mind to attract miracles. I am also still trying to practice manifestation and I hope I can share some more experiences in future. Let me stop my post here. And please excuse my English because it is not my first language. Thank you.

22nd Oct 2021


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