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This time I want to show you all a book that I like and I have read, this book tells the success An investor and real estate businessman or artist American origin is @robertkiyosaki, The man who was born on April 8, 1947, managed to be successful thanks to the hard work and motivation of rich dads and poor dads

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rich dad poor dad is the starting point for anyone looking to take control of their financial future

Having two fathers gave me the option of contrasting two points of view: a rich man's point of view and a poor man's point of view.
I have two fathers, one rich and one poor. One is highly educated and smart. He has a Ph.D. and finish Four years of education Four years of undergraduate education in less than two years. He then continued his studies at Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern university, all on full scholarship.The other father did not finish high school education.
Both my fathers were successful in their careers, Worked hard their whole life. Both of them earn big. However, one always has to struggle in terms of finances. The other one Again becoming one of the richest people in Hawaii One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to the family, Charity, humanity, and the church. The other one leaves a lot of forest
Both men were strong, charismatic, and influential. Both gave me advice. But their advice is not the same. Both strongly believe in education, but do not recommend a path Same study...

There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Bankruptcy is temporary. Poor is forever.


Financial intelligence is composed of the following four technical skills :

  1. Accountancy
    Accounting is financial literacy, or the ability to read numbers. This is a very important skill if you want to build a business or invest.
  2. Investation
    Investing is the science of money making money
  3. Understanding the market Q
    Understanding the market is the science of supply and supply.
  4. Law
    Law is awareness of accounting, corporate, as well as local and state regulations.


Often in the real world, it's not smart people who excel, but brave people.
The poor and middle class Work for money. Rich people make money Work for them

This is my entry for the daily #richdadpoordad challenge hosted by @robertkiyosaki.

Overcoming fear
I've never met anyone who really enjoyed losing money. And in my entire life, I have never met a rich man who has never lost money. However, I met Met many poor people who never lost their penny in investing.
Fear of losing money is a real thing. Everyone has it. Even the rich. However, not taste Fear is the problem. The problem is how you deal with that fear.How do you deal with that loss. How you deal with failure is what makes the difference in your life. That applies to everything in life, not just money. The main difference between the rich and the poor is the way they deal with that fear...


Motivational words from Robert Kiyosaki :
"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you save."
"Rich people focus on the Asset column, while everyone else focuses on the earnings report."
"Financial struggles are often the result of people working their whole lives for other people."
"Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. Great opportunity seen with your mind."
"The main difference between the rich and the poor is the way they deal with fear.


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