Introduction of my first book “Operation Austin”

Hello everyone in Hive and especially in the Hive book club community, As you may notice from my blog that I am new in Hive and I am a Book writer, I have written 5 Novel books yet and working on 6th, I want to keep this post Shortly about My first book but if you want to know more about ME, please check my introduce Yourself Post

In this post I want to write full information about the first book, which is one of the Five books, I have written yet, I will give you a short summary of the book that you might find interesting and if you wanted to order the hard copy, there will be a link at the end of this post.

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Series Title: Gary Booker Novels.
Title: Operation Austin.
Adventure: Romance.
Length: 136,000 Words.
Top-selling books similar to mine: Jack Reacher Novels, Lee Childs. Jack Ryan Novels, Tom Clancy.
Completion Date: 05/01/2020

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Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of teenage girls are captured or coerced into the sex industry. This series of books is about a group of men and women who go after those girls and bring them back, balancing the scales of justice as they do. Come meet Gary and Paige, a hero and the woman who saves him. Enjoy their love story, and cheer as they destroy predators and fight back for all of the girls who deserve to have someone fighting for them. They don't always fight fair, but they win for the victims they defend.

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Gary Booker is a tech genius and hacker that made billions by investing in cryptocurrencies. His brilliance led him to become one of the leading cybersecurity experts in the world and to be part of a group of mercenaries who retrieve human trafficking victims. As part of one of those missions, Paige Steward was rescued. She was badly beaten and having no family, comes to stay with Gary to recover. The two fall in love, despite their age differences. Gary and the team go to Austin to thwart a terrorist plot intended on assassinating the CEO of a large defense department contractor. In the process, they discover that an old nemesis, one they believed they had killed, is hunting them. They turn the tables on their foe and set a trap in Belize. In the process of killing the cartel leader, Gary's dark side returns and Paige ends up being the one who does the saving.

As people started streaming out of the plane, Gary was leaning against a concrete column, watching carefully. After a few minutes, a girl in a T-shirt with UNLV on the front, came through the door. She was about 5’-8” tall, and was very slim, weighing about 115 pounds, he guessed. Her brown eyes were nervously scanning the crowd. Afraid and alone, she reminded him of a rabbit, ready to bolt in any direction. He imagined that when she was healthy, she walked smoothly, graceful like a runway model, but today her movement was slightly stifled, and her posture and furtive glances showed her nervousness.
Even damaged he could tell she was stunning, the kind of woman who made people stop and stare as she entered a room. Today she was drawing people’s attention for another reason, and it was obvious to Gary what John left out of the details. She’d been beaten. Not beaten as-in getting slapped around a little, some asshole had kicked the shit out of her. Her face was bruised, and her still partially closed left eye looked like she’d been in an MMA fight. Across her swollen eyebrow, there was a nasty cut which probably should have had stitches. The right side of her mouth was still fat, and her cheek had a deep blue bruise. She also had bruises on her arms, and from the way she walked, bruises on her legs as well. Somebody had done this girl bad, and Gary’s visceral reaction, knowing John had shot them, was that death by shooting was WAY too painless.

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