My Favorite Book: Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti

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Today I will discuss about my favorite book, this is a book that tells about the best teenagers I have ever read. This book is entitled Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti (And the Rain Stops) by Farida Susanty.


Title : Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti.
Author : Farida Susanty.
Published Year : 2007.
Publisher : Grasindo.
Pages : 322 pages.

This is a very good and heart touching book, through this book the author won an award as a talented young writer. In fact, this book has also become a bestseller, with more than 10 copies being published, each year this book is printed with a new cover. I even have 2 different prints of this book.

This book tells about the life journey of a teenager named Leo Strada. Raised from a broken home family, does not get love, makes him unable to trust people, and hates them. There is one person he trusts, namely a girl he loves named Iris, but due to illness and an accident Iris can't survive, this makes Leo's life worse.

A few years after Iris left, he met a girl who looked like Iris, Spiza, the girl's name, the girl he met when she was about to commit suicide. Like they both have a good life so they can understand each other. But unfortunately it didn't last long, because Spiza also left him, somewhere, no one knows where Spiza went. Leo's life got worse again, but this time Leo was more accepting of the situation and learned a lot about life, which at first he couldn't even accept the presence of his friends but after that he accepted them. But the memories between him, Iris and Spiza couldn't just disappear.

It's a very interesting book to read, I've only read this book who knows how many times. I read it since I was in junior high school and now when I graduate from college I still read it. Reading this book our feelings are like being tossed around, between sad, sorry, touched and happy, that's why I call this the best book in my opinion.

And what makes this book even more interesting is that in this book the author inserts song lyrics and quotes that match the storyline.

Good writing style with interesting stories and stories that are not mainstream make this book a must read.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

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