Book Review: Management Of Organizational Behavior 1

These days, it seems like my reading spirit is recovering from my school days, the course I studied and for today's post, I am pulling out this particular course Management Of Organizational Behavior 1, back then I was taught this course for two semesters and this was the introduction of it. This book talks about the way in which the lifestyle of an organization must be operated so that it fits all the departments that compose it.

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A department can't just make an organization, there must be some integral parts that make it whole, so it became clear from this book I read that no matter how small a particular department may seem, it has a role to play in that entity and once eliminated, its non-existence would affect the general functions of the organization.

As I was reading halfway through, there was this chapter that describes all the resources that an organization must possess before we call it the body of an organization, and there are: the financials, which are the fund, accounting books, bookkeeping etc. The human capital, this aspect of the organization's resources, has to do with the organization's employees, those who carry out day-to-day activities, and the plants and machinery, without plants and machinery, human beings can not do jobs, so there was a positive need to bring in the machines that help man perform tasks.

While I was enjoying my reading, a call was made for group activities, in this chapter it was exposed that when people do things in groups in an organization, it would help to brings in achievement to adhere easily, because when two or more peoples put their heads together, it would be better than one head, collective efforts make people not to feel bored, so for an organization to have a good character, most of the times, collective tasks should be created to promote the spirit of unity among workers in the organization.

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It also talks about communicating, in the sense that communication should not be from the hierarchy down to the subordinate all the time, but sometimes opportunities should be created where the flow of information is experienced by subordinate workers to the people in the top as well, so to show equity, though all messages in the organization need to concern everyone but some plans need to create a space for young workers to come in, so that the young people also feel like they were there when the ideas were created and if in the future, the plans that were made did not favor anyone, they would not say, it was the men at the top who made the rules that do not favor them.

A good organizational character should speak of the well-being of all, this book has a lot to tell someone who wants to start an organization, so that it enlightens him on the way in which his organization character should be made.

In general, I conclude that the book focuses on the love aspect that drives the activities in the organization, it never has anything to say about non-productive performances, but to maintain a cordial relationship even with the external environment that the organization is established.

Thank you very much for reading my review of: Managing Of Organizational Behavior 1, by Sir A. A Chikere and J.C Okafor (Mrs.), have a lovely day ahead.

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