One of the Best books about Marketing and Leadership - TRIBES - SETH GODIN

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Hi everyone,

I have just finished listening to the book Tribes by Seth Godin, who in the Audible book version also reads the book.

It is written very easy to understand, and I really enjoyed and got a lot of value out of it.


The basic idea of the book is that a tribe needs a common interest and good communication. what a Tribe needs is a Leader, and you should be the leader in order to achieve maximum success.

Human beings need to feel like they belong. He describes different scenarios of how this sense of belonging can be achieved, for example in the chapter Leading from the bottom with a newsletter. this made me think I should send my own newsletter much more regularly so people can stay updated of my professional life.

He also speaks about the concept of true fans, which was very interesting to me , especially since I have been talking to a friend about that recently.
It is always really important for artists to have a following, but it is very hard to create it. you need supporters, otherwise you won't be able to sustain yourself with gigs, or cd sales.

Leading doesn't need recognition

If you are waiting for people to recognise what you are doing and give you credit for it, you are not really leading. you lead because you are 100 per cent convinced about a cause, or an idea. if you are a leader you lead authentically and generously.

Fear of failure is overrated

Fear of failure is drilled into our brains from early childhood and hard to get rid of. However this is an emotional problem, not a factual. Often people (also parents) use fear to gain control. Fear is hardly necessary and usually doesn't more damage than good. What is the worst that can happen? you start over again.

some other key Ideas I took away from this book:

  • "most people" don't matter
  • Stability is an illusion
  • Initiative = Happiness
  • Faith is what you do
  • why not you, why not now?

I hope you found those little insights helpful and either read of listen to the book, I highly recommend!!

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