Support the Professor Otagburuagu Kickstarter: Here is the Guarantee that it's a Great Book

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As a lot of us should know by now I and @kathatsisdrill's Kickstarter is live on and still begging for the support of every hiver.

Professor Otagburuagu Kickstarter.

Since this is a story and collaboration that began on hive, I and @katharsisdrill as loyal active hivers are making sure and would continue to make sure that as we spread this book to the world we would also keep telling them about the social media blogging platform called Hive where it all started.

We already mentioned hive on our Kickstarter where eyes from all over the world would see it. It's mentioned in the project video and profile:


So as a project representing hive in some way, surely, all well meaning hivers would be hoping it is NOT a low quality project but some quality stuff. For example, if a movie was going to represent hive in a way, surely hivers would be hoping it is a great movie with a great plot and etcetera like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter and not some poorly crafted stuff like Cats (2019) or some B-movie.

So gather around, hivers, because in this post I'm showing you all the guarantee that Professor Otagburuagu is indeed top tier stuff and is a project worthy of the support of the entire Hive!

How am I going to show this? In three ways. (1) By showing you what other hivers who have had a taste of the Otagburuagu story had to say about it. (2) By showing you the reviews from other hivers that I the writer of Professor Otagburuagu have been getting for my writing skills. (3) By giving you links to some of my hive writeups which would let you experience Nevies's writing first hand.

What Hivers Had to Say About Professor Otagburuagu

In 2017 when I first created professor Otagburuagu in an @adsactly story contest hosted by @vcelier, here's what the people (@shortcut and @katharsisdrill) had to say in the comment section:




And this was how our collaboration began:


You can view the full post that had this comments here

When I Made the First Episodes:


From @traciyork:


@mosunomotunde dubbed me The Master of Fiction๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ:


I'm not posting all the comments from all the episodes here so this post won't be endless, but you can check em out: 1, 2
and 3


What Other Hivers Have Had to Say About my Writing

I can't post all the nice comments I've been receiving because nice comments fly quite freely on hive and some comments might pass as the commenter just being nice. But here are some of the really authentic ones:

From @leprechaun:


Link to the post

From @battleaxe:



Yo, people, would you look at that? โ˜๏ธ ๐ŸŒš๐ŸŒš

Link to First Post

Link to Second Post

Here, in this comment @riverflows thought a post I made was so good that she sent it to a friend of hers @holisticmom:


From the same post, @seesladen had this to say:


Link to Post

From @dandays:

@dandays thought this one was so good he had to call his buddies @brandt and @edprivat to see it:


Link to post

From @trostparadox:


From @neoxian:


Yes, he didn't say a lot, but that was @neoxian for Christ's sake!

It's the same post for @trostparadox and @neoxian. Here it is.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I'd be ending it. I'm sorry, I hope you still consider me as humble, all I did was point you to where good things have been said about my writing. With this I hope all of hive is rest assured that a book I write can't be anything less than the top tier stuff.

The book's art and illustration of every episode is done by @katharsisdrill and I'm sure no long talk is needed in showing you how great of an artist he is. Check out or any of his art works - they all belong at the very top too.

The Book is About...

Professor Otagburuagu, the middle-aged evil criminal mastermind who abides in the shadows and is sought after by wealthy elite Nigerians who needs to consult him for his criminal master plans and evil expertise. An evil elderly gentleman witty and sharp tongued. This novella is about a hunt for him by an honest police inspector called Inspector Raymond.

The story is filled with mystery, suspense, smarts, useful information, philosophy and depth, intriguing dialogue, fantasy, sex and a lot of humour.

So please support our book. Go to the Kickstarter and donate or preorder the book. Help us make this book a reality. Help one of Hive's own.

What Every Hiver Can do Right Now is..

Donate or pre-order the pdf for $4 on the Kickstarter website. (If you're in Denmark or Nigeria you can order the hard copy if you want). Please, everyone can order the pdf for $4, it would be great if hivers do that en masse.

This is the link to the Kickstarter:

Professor Otagburuagu Kickstarter.

You can also share this post and tell your friends about it.

(If you're facing any problems carrying this out or having any questions, please comment below.)


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