If there were two of her... My Favourite Author

I can only wish for a second when the first isn't so amazing
A second may just be too much or not good enough
If there were two of her, I'd be living in too much luxury
I know luxury is good but there's a bad side to "Too much"
So I'll just hold unto the first tightly
I'll continue to cheer for her
I'll keep loving her
I'll stay grateful knowing that her kind truly does exists

This amazing woman is one of the first authors I met on the first day of my blogging days but not here on Hive... It all started on a blogging site called Uptrennd (I still feel grateful whenever I remember that site even though it has crashed).

I was blogging in the most easiest way I could (I don't want say my articles back then were worse) and she found me with a host of others, she gave me accolades for a good write up... I felt my heart beating more than normal because it was as if I was visited by a celebrity (she is so one actually).

And ever since the day she found me, took me into her prestigious online blogging university (it was way more than just a university to learn blogging hehe), I kept falling in love with her over and over by every conversations, write ups from her and other engagements that she was involved in.

She is my favourite author and don't be shocked if you fall for her after reading this... That's one of her lucky charm, so loveable 😍

Moods before dancing.png

Now, tell me she didn't catch your attention with that face of hers. She has a beautiful smile and her voice is just as beautiful as she is... I don't want to say much on that but just take note of it while you drool over your screen staring at her lovely face.

Why @dreemsteem is my Favourite Author?

She is my favourite author but I can't keep count of the reasons she is my favourite... They are just so many so I'll simply say "She is my favourite author because of everything she is to me".

A creative writer

No competitions, no comparison, no faking, no addition... She's always creative when she wants to share a post of hers. I have stopped wondering how she comes up with the way she writes because it will always remain a puzzle undone for me... She's too good to keep wondering so I'll just keep admiring and loving her all the way.

If you've read through her posts before, you'll agree with me that she's one of the authors with most interesting post titles 😅 almost all her titles draws me to her posts within seconds, I'm still finding ways to give titles to my posts like hers.

Just so I don't seem like I'm just saying, here is a few of her posts that you would have to read to know exactly what she wants you to get from it 😅

I bet you that you didn't guess really correctly with what you think about these two titles, read to see 😂 that is how much creativity she puts into her work not excluding her use of gifs and images.

An encourager

From the first days I came to know her up till today, she has been a great encouragement to my life. Even my mum can testify to that because I never stopped talking about Tiger Lily to my mum (@dreemsteem remains Tiger Lily to my mum 😅).

I had once met her for a spiritual issue sometime ago and I still remember all she said to me, she doesn't sugarcoat words if they were to hurt me and that is because she wants me to learn from it and grow better.

One of the things I'm still grateful to her about is finding my voice here on Hive (I started making use of the Hive Open Mic community but that was after many words of encouragement from her).

These are my latest favourites works of hers (they were so encouraging and uplifting at the same time for me). She suggested one of them to me to have a read of them but I had found it before I saw her suggestion 😅 that is because she is on my list of update check.

You should check those post out, it might just be one of the answers you've been searching for in some sides of life... You never can tell, I'm just saying.

A relentless/happy Dreemer

There's a sweet reason she's called @dreemsteem 😍 and she so lives up to that name. She's a dream achiever and not just that, she carries people along (I'm a good proof of that and so many others).

If you've not heard of Dreemport before, you've heard about it now because when you know @dreemsteem, you've come to know Dreemport (aren't the names connecting so well? 😁)

Dreemport is a curating site that shines the spotlight on quality contents submitted there and you can tell that she's very good at that, finding the best in people and showing it off to help them grow even more.

Those are links you would click and be a part of her dreem, there's also a challenge ongoing that you'll love if you like fictions or want to start a fiction even though you've never done it before (She just have a way of making difficulties seem easy and they actually are).

I know I may have a lot about her already but permit to also share that she's my favourite author because she's one of the most generous being I've ever known (My first, online).

Getting in contact with her is a sign up to an adventurous life with Christ and beautiful dreems. And yeah, you're free to know her, love her and dreem with her... I'm not stingy with my favourite author.

This is my entry to the Hive book club contest to share my favourite author and I'll love to invite @otuyanancy @nkemakonam89 and @evegrace to participate too.

Image used was gotten from this post of @george-dee which he got from @dreemsteem 😅 and designed Here


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