Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Series And 5 Hive Raffle!


When I was at the mall last week, my friend took me to the bookstore. I told myself that I won't bring anything home because I have purchased books recently and needed to finish them. But, my inner bookworm couldn't stand it. I went looking for books in English and I found this small section at Gramedia, Indonesian book store chain, selling classics and some local authors who writes in English.

I had some conversation with a colleague years ago that these local written books were so awful. So, I skipped those and picked Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carol. I also finally completed my Jules Verne collection by getting the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Though I have read these books in the past, I am still fascinated by Alice’s Adventure and Jules Verne's work. I may have just added more reads on top of my long-list read. But I suppose, it’s worth it. Sometimes, if I don’t stop myself, I will probably keep buying books almost weekly!. There are so many books that I wanted to collect but haven't gotten the chance yet. I suppose, slowly but sure, I’ll get there!

Other than that, time has been the challenge. In the past, I could devote my whole day to reading but these days, with digital work, more distraction, I have lesser time to read. I can only read about 30- 60 minutes a day compared to the past where I can spend a maximum of 5 hours a day reading. To make sure I still read everyday, I bring my books everywhere so I can slip in some reading time, just like when I visited Weekend Staycation : Arah Living The Mezzanine Room where I also bring some books with me and have some fun reading time.

The other week, I shared two books that I recently got and run a raffle. The lucky one of the previous week raffle is @astrocreator!

Congratulations to him!

This week, I am going to do the same. Get the chance to win 5 Hive from this week raffle just by writing out the answer to these questions What is your current read list? Do you have any books you want to get? in the comment section.

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