The 1st Secret to Reading A LOT of Books


I mentioned in my intro post that I have already read 42 books since 2021 began. That number is now 50.

If you’re an avid reader like me, then you understand why it’s possible for me to reach that number. You may even have read more books than me. However, others may have a hard time believing this.

If you’re one of the people curious as to how I’ve read so many books, then read on to find out how I did it. This will also be useful if you want to start reading more.

IT'S A PILE. I bought more books recently but before opening those packages, I wanted to inventory my existing books. This is to remind myself that I still have a lot more on my TBR and that I should slow down from buying more (for now).


When I share how many books I’ve already read to people, the usual comment I get is along the lines of “I wish I could read that many books, but I don’t have the time”.

The truth? YOU HAVE TIME.

It’s a misconception that in order to read books, you have to “find time”. That’s not the case. It’s you who has the power to “make time”.

Photo of my watch in front of my book pile to emphasize the point. Haha

If you have time for a lunch break, you have time to read. If you have time to binge watch a Netflix series, you have time to read. If you have a long commute time, you have time to read. If you have time for a nap, you have time to read. If you have time to daydream a whole romantic scene about your crush, you have time to read.

I can go on and on and on and on and on.. But you get what I’m saying, right? I am able to read as many books as I have because I made the choice to read.

BOOK JOURNALING. Here is an entry from my journal last January when I read In a Holidaze and The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. I love journaling about what I read to document my thoughts.

This doesn’t even mean that you have to give up all those things I’ve mentioned just to be able to read. It’s all about what you want.

Instead of binge watching 20 episodes of a series on Netflix, I will watch 10 episodes instead and read for the remainder of the time that I could have watched the other ten episodes.

Instead of taking a 30-minute nap during my lunch break, I do a 15-minute nap and read for the other 15 minutes.

READ OR WATCH? You can do both! Here's my open book with the Netflix logo in the background.

You don’t have to read a whole book in one sitting. As long as you get to read little by little, you’ll finish a book eventually.

If you’ve read this far, tell me, have you been inspired to start reading more? If the answer is still no, I have more tips to read more that cannot fit in this post because it will be super long already.

So stay tuned for the sequels. ;)

But before I let you go, here's my recent book hauls that I talked about:

Beautiful classics

I am trying to collect all the Wordsworth Collector's Editions and these are three of my latest buys. I now have six of these beautiful gems. Pretty, aren't they?

My Wordsworth collection

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

I have read Beach Read by Emily Henry in eBook format and I knew right away that I wanted that one and her latest book in a physical copy. I prioritized buying this one first since I haven't read it yet. But I will buy my preferred cover of Beach Read when I have the budget. Also thrilled that EH is coming out with a book next year called Book Lovers. Talk about meta!

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

As for this one.. to be honest, I bought this for the hype. Haha (guilty). Aside from this book, Taylor Jenkins Reid's other books are hyped all over #bookstagram, #booktok, and #booktube so I wanted to know what the fuss is about. A booktuber I follow named gabbyreads said this is a good book to start if you want to read Taylor Jenkins Reid so.. to my collection it goes.

More classics

I don't know about you dear reader, but as for me, the only classic literature I was ever assigned in school were Moby Dick (required reading in grade school), The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, Lysistrata, The Merchant of Venice (high school), and Sophie's World (undergrad). And I don't remember a word or even emotions out of all of them. Why? Because they were required reading. Maybe I'm weird but I don't want to read when I'm forced to do it.

Anyway, the point is that now that I'm free to do all the reading on my own, I would love to delve into classics more. Hence, when I found out that Collins Classics were the cheapest option for classic literature, I went ahead and added them all to cart. These classics are a gift from my husband @thejoeprocess Thank you, mahal!

For context on how cheap these books are, you can buy:
ten (10) books of Collins Classics = only one (1) hardcover book


Okay. I've talked written more than I planned to. That's how I get when it comes to books.

If you've read this far below, thank you very much! I appreciate it. Truly. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

See you on my next blog!

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