5 Types of Books for Non-Readers


“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” -JK Rowling

Although I have mixed feelings about JK Rowling, I couldn’t help but agree with her quote above. I believe that non-readers just haven’t found the book for them yet.

If you’re a non-reader who would like to start reading but is overwhelmed by the options, I got you. Here are some types of books you should try when starting out.

ONE | Short Stories and Stories Collection

Reading is a commitment. That’s why I understand how it could be scary for some people. No one wants to start reading a 300-page book only to be disappointed midway through.

If you feel scared committing to a full novel, reading short stories is a great place to start. They don’t require much time and are easily accessible. Literary magazines and their online counterparts like The New Yorker publish their stories online, like this one(link).

If you are more of the physical book type, you can read books with a collection of short stories.


The photo above features two of my books bearing short story collections. If you’re a horror fan, you will love Flight or Fright by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. If crime thrillers are more your thing, then I think you’ll love Face Off.

TWO | Middle Grade/ Young Adult books

If you’re not that scared of full novels but also do not want to be stressed by heavy topics or mature themes, you can go and check out middle grade and young adult books. As evidenced by recommendations in #booktube and #bookstagram, you do not have to be a kid to appreciate these books.

One of my all time faves is The Little Prince. It is such a short and easy read that if you have the time, you can read it in one sitting.

The Little Prince, Wordsworth Collector's Edition

THREE | Manga / Comics

Some people are more visual than others. If you are more of the visual type, reading manga and comics is the best option for you. The illustrations make the story pop and make it more immersive.

I would love to collect comic books but they are pricier than your average paperbacks. I did indulge in buying the special edition of Marvel’s War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 because it featured Filipina superhero, Wave.

New Agents of Atlas #1, Wave Special Edition Cover

Introduction of Wave aka Pearl Pangan to the Marvel Universe. She's from Cebu City!

FOUR | Poetry and Nonfiction

Prose and fiction is not all there is in terms of reading. If both do not speak to you, then maybe poetry and nonfiction are more of a right fit.

I also read some poetry and naturally, because of its structure, it hits differently than when I am reading a novel. You may feel the same, so check out poetry books out there.

Poetry of Pablo Neruda, Abbey Sy books

If imaginary worlds are not for you, maybe you are more into the real world side of things. There are lots of nonfiction books for that. There are memoirs, inspirational texts, and just about any topic you could think of under the sun!

My bookstack of poetry and nonfiction

FIVE | Epistolary Novels/Books

Finally, if you’re still not convinced of the previous four options, I give you: the EPISTOLARY format. It’s a full length novel but it keeps things interesting by going beyond just words.

For those not familiar, epistolary novels are made up of a series of letters, pictures, and/or other documents to tell the story. It feels like you’re snooping around someone’s files or even browsing through someone else’s scrapbook. That’s totally what I felt like when I read The War Bride’s Scrapbook by Caroline Preston. It was a love story, but other genres also make use of the epistolary format. Carrie by Stephen King is an epistolary novel where news clippings and articles are some of the things that tell the story.

The War Bride's Scrapbook*

A page inside The War Bride's Scrapbook

A page inside The War Bride's Scrapbook

Now, are you ready for your first (or next) read? Let me know what type of reader you are by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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