Hive Book Club : Join Our Second Book Voice Chats Discord Session!


Hello Bibliophile!

Last week, we successfully organized our first book chat session. It was fun and we got to hear everyone's current reading. During that session, we also shared hive tips and also a raffle. It's no different this time!


The topic for this week is :

Let's talk about your favorite fiction book(s)

We welcome you to share your favorite fiction book or books. Keep in mind that this book chat is organized via discord audio.

Each of the participants will have about a maximum of 5 minutes to talk about it. After that, @stevenson7 as the host will ask around if any of you have something to add or questions.

In order to keep things organized, @stevenson7 and @macchiata will be in charge of making sure everyone has the opportunity to talk about their book and possibly spark a discussion.

Additionally,for those of you who are looking to improve your communication, social skills, and your English, this is a great chance for you to practice it with others. You can talk about the book you're currently reading and what you like about it. We aim to provide a safe space where everyone can freely express themselves.

At the end of the session, we will have 10 hive raffles for the lucky 2 participants who came to our second book chat session.

Meet us in Hive Book Club Discord Server On Saturday UTC 16:00 You can use the available time zone converter to convert it into your local time.


Save The Date

Saturday 2nd October 2021
UTC 16:00
Hive Book Club Discord Server


See you there and don't forget to bring your friends ! 😉

If You Want To Join Our Server, Click the link below :


Hive Book Club is supported in the OCD Community Incubation Program.If you like what they do for the community,OCD Has a Hive Witness ... @OCD-Witness! You can vote for @ocd-witness, with HiveSigner or on Hive Witnesses.


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