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How Do We Choose The Highlighted Posts?

All of you must be wondering how we picked the authors who get into the highlight. As some of the good curation projects out there, our highlighted authors are also handpicked to ensure that we diversify the content and the recommendations in the highlight. We want this highlight to be a place where people get inspiration, a place to learn something new, and even finding a recommendation.

Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually hand pick the posts. Some factors includes : the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort.


@greengalleti[ENG/ESP] Le Fils de la Lumière narrates the youthful adventures of Ramses II before he became the most famous pharaoh of Egypt. / El Hijo de la Luz narra las peripecias juveniles de Ramsés II antes de transformarse en el más famoso faraón de Egipto."Through this saga dedicated to Ramses II, we will learn to banish some taboos that have taken over much of world history. Historical novels sometimes have the weight of data, figures and events that we do not always understand or that directly bore us. This is not the case with The Son of Light. Written in the best style of a policiesco thriller, it adds intrigue to true historical facts that make it even more exciting to read."
@danielapevsClásico de clásicos: Orgullo y Prejuicio [eng/esp]"We will find a Darcy and Elizabeth blinded by pride, judgments and rumors, where we will not find true certainty as to whether or not a loving bond will be born between them. However, as the story progresses and, added to this, the inevitable encounters between the two, a glimpse of a possible love can be appreciated. Jane Austen was definitely ahead of her time, the character of Elizabeth Bennet has a determination and a female empowerment that really wasn't seen much at that time."
@edwarlyn11Reto 7 días de lectura - parte 2: Un libro de auto ayuda ✨ 7 Days of Reading Challenge - Part 2: A self-help book ✨ [ESP/ENG]"The main thing and what the author really wants to teach us in this book is to learn to love ourselves as we are, without changing anything and trying to be something we are not. With this I remember a very nice phrase that says "Free yourself from who you think you should be, and embrace who you really are"."
@travelingmerciesThe Little Prince - The story you'd never want to miss 🦊"The little prince describes grown-ups as people who only value figures. Age, salary, years of experience, and other more metrics.I am amazed how this book we can see in the children's section of the bookstores offer layers of lessons that could speak volume to someone in any point of life. A child could learn from its story, a teenager, a grown-up, a professional, a mother, a father, anyone."

Today's highlight was selected by @nicxi

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