Трудно быть богом - Hard to be a god - Težko je biti bog | Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Two new books in my personal library I received today. Both in the Slovenian language, both SciFi & Fantasy., my favourite genre.

The first one is Tрудно быть богом - Hard to be a god - Težko je biti bog written by famous Russian brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

I love their books since they are so different from ordinary English-based SciFi literature.

This one is set on a planet similar to Earth yet stuck about 800 years behind it in the medieval age. The era is maintained by eliminating anybody who shows a bit of intellect, literally. Then the intruder comes in ...

I didn't know that the movie was made in 2013 based on this book. Time to search for it in obscure Russian web archives.

Source IMDb

Hmm, it looks like the movie is quite famous and that reviews are divided between amazing and unwatchable...

Anyway, the book first. I'll start reading it tonight.

The second book that came today? I'll tell you about it in the article to come.

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