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This Life!!!!

Good day, #hivebookclub community..

My biology teacher do say that everyone can't be successful, and that everyone won't make it to higher institution.


He said "some will be wheelbarrow pusher, some traders, some robbers and prostitute, that some will immediately get married and give birth to multiple children". We so much laughed that day, because no one expected to be the one harsh reality of life will fall on.


I and my friends, always tell ourselves "this is what I am going to end up as" and years later, after not been able to reach them and you finally did and realized they achieved their dreams and you didn't, you become sad, frustrated and depressed, sometimes you intentionally stop contacting them because there is nothing to show for those same years they were able to achieve theirs .


Life is a cycle, it just keeps turning, please hang in there for a little while, have faith, keep thinking big like Ben, Carson said, and have 100% of positive attitude in you with God backing you up. You are very much close, just a little more time.

Life is short, so live it well.


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