Challenging your curation? Step it up!!

Remember when Hannibal from the A Team used to pop that stogie in his mouth and declare with a smirk, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Did I just completely date myself, admitting that I grew up with Mr. T? shhhh come on now, who doesn't love a thick gold chain and a mean mohawk!

This month we had a bit of a conflict with planning, but @jfuji became my Mr. T!! He made some very cool suggestions after introducing us to @macchiata in the Hive Book Club - just like that... a super dooper plan was formed!

And you are just in time for some fun!!

What's on the February DreemPort agenda!

A sweet Collab with Hive Book Club and Scholar and Scribe!!
What is Hive Book Club? Well it's just like what it sounds like! You read books and then you come back and write reviews on them as your posts! Just like an online book club! But here is the cool part of Hive Book Club! They allow you to review stories created on Hive too!

Now here is where the cool collaboration comes in.

Scholar and Scribe is a community that features serialized fiction (aka, stories written on Hive!)

Hive Book Club encourages book reviews from Hive stories!

DreemPort would like to highlight a list of stories from Scholar and Scribe - so that Clubbers from the Hive Book Club, Scribers from S&S, and Dreemers from DreemPort can select one and review it! The thing I love about this is DreemPort is ALL ABOUT giving new life to older material. We all know that once a post is a few days old, it's unlikely that its going to be revisited again! But this allows those older, fabulous stories to get a second wind!!! AND YOU GET TO BRING THAT LIFE TO IT!!

Do you HAVE to choose a Hive serialized fiction ??

Nope! You don't! You can STILL choose one of your favorite books to review and drop THAT into the weekly challenge for DreemPort!

But - if you choose one of the Scholar and Scribe options - S&S will sweeten the deal with some of their tokens!

says Jordy (@Jfuji) "S&S can support prizing by:

  • having one prize pool for Reviewers who choose S&S serial stories
  • having another prize pool for Reviewers who are simply members of S&S

So, what do we do? How do we start, Dreemie???

So glad you asked!

First off - we won't be officially beginning until next Monday, Feb 13! So - if you'd like to join the Hive Book Club and drop a tentative book review post- just to get a taste? Why don't you! 👉Here is there community👈 Subscribe there, so you'll be ready, Freddie!

Next - on Sunday, we will have a list of Hive stories that have been posted in the Scholar and Scribe community will be shared with you all - to peruse and select!


If you would like to choose one of the posts on that list - to review, PLEASE go to that post and STAKE YOUR CLAIM! hehe Simply write a comment on the post saying "I'd like to write a review on this Hive story for the @dreemport challenge this week!"

If you head to a post and ALREADY SEE that it has ALREADY been claimed. please PASS on that post and choose another! hehe Be sure to scan the comment sections well - to see if it is really free to choose!

  • Write your book review and submit it to the Hive Book Club community!
  • Drop the link for your post into DreemPort on Thursday by 4pm PST (Need help - check out the GETTING STARTED link on DreemPort!)
  • Be sure to jump back into DreemPort on Friday to curate the posts!
  • See who the winners are for the week after Friday's curation is tabulated! Hopefully you've won!!! hehehehe

Now - what is the BEST way to curate those posts on Friday amongst all the Book Reviews!

Ask yourself this...
After reading each review - WHICH BOOK would you want to read immediately! hehe Rank the 5 book reviews that you receive on Friday based on that. The author that tantalizes you the most to read that book... give them the highest score!


yep! prizes!

The top 3 ranked for the first week, will get a new DreemPort profile frame!

What does that profile frame earn them?

Double tokens for any DREEMPORT activity for the following week - AND DOUBLE DREEMERGE CARDS for that following week too!

Ok! You should have all you need to get started now! hehe
Have questions?

Just ask!!! make sure you tag me in the comment section so I can get the notification hehe

See you next week!!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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