Your Money Or Your Life?


Hello everyone this is my first book review in this post. Today I will not tell you about what was the book about in details but I will take you through a short journey in which you will learn something I learned from this book.

What if angel of death (assume) came to you and says give me 1000$ or you will die. He gave you 7 days to collect the money. What will you do?

This same condition happened to us in real life where we give alot of dollars in form of medical bills and we think that life is greater than money.

So why many people dont feel happy about the life they have? No, I am not discouraging self development or growth. All I saying is the first step you should do is to be happy in your current state. After than note your goals or the next target you want to achieve.

Now you have target in mind but do you know while you chase the target it goes away further and further away from you. The best thing is to include risk factors like inflation in mind when setting up your targets.

Always remember that after a specific point the more you spend the most unsatisfied and unhappy you become. So you should know how much is enough for you.

After you have a clear goal in mind, be happy in current state and slowly and steadily move towards your ideal state. This also applies to finance, excercise and lifestyle.

This is it for my microbloging. I know its not visually pleasing for some as I am typing it on my mobile. One thing I am sure about is If you follow what I shared with you today from the lessons I learn from Money or Your Life, you will be more happy, successful and satisfied in your life.

Follow me for more lessons I learn from books. If you read this book let me know your thoughts and what you learnt from Your Money or Your Life.

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