A Book Review - Harry Potter Series (Masterpiece : J K Rowling)...

Hello and I greet you all here in the community who actually like to spend joyous time with the books around the world and have a good grasp of knowledge on them.Books are an important part of our life which directs us to the realm of wit and wisdom that glides us to take stern decisions in times of difficulty.

I basically dont read that much, but there are quite a number of choices I have when it comes to reading a particular book. If it is a category of fiction, novel or drama and any form of classic literature, then most probably it would be me who would pretty quickly jump into collecting or buying a copy of it, even if I have financial issues get going . One book at every weekend is a habit of mine.


Today, I would like to share my reading passion with you, by giving a review of a book, I personally read and have a good idea of what has been discussed by the author and what things he wanted to implicate to the readers.Sometimes, we see that the authors really try to go deeper into the realm of our psychology, and play games with our feelings ; but in the end, throughout the practice ; we end up being wise and knowledgeable. Thanks and I wish you a good luck.

You are very much familiar with at least one person who is regarded as the best author of our times, quite a times, even she is viewed as the most prominent author who has gone through serious setbacks at the time of publishing books. Its pretty normal to see, those of us who have tried to publish books on the local level,there were quite a certain serious rejection that came on the way to publish as the press editors had doubt - whether the book will be sold or not.

Well,at the time of writing the first few series of books, the famous teenage fictions, J K Rowling had the same feelings, the same experiences and the moments passing in doubt and disbelief whether the book will be sold or not.After completing the manuscript copies, she went to many publishers and as she didnt have any reputation and young aged with little knowledge in fiction stories,failed to raise her value and credibility among the publishers.

Ah,I could feel that being rejected for 12 long times in the attempt to publish the first work of Harry Potter and that time after seemingly endless failures how she felt about her fate and skills. Often successive failires just take away all the equations from our lives and the only thing that remain is the - frustration, long sighed grief and a plighted heart. But, Rowling kept doing what she loved and never looked at the outcome and thats how she got over life and ended up being the best author with million dollar assets in hand.


Harry Potter - As A Fiction.

Luckily I didnt have much chance to read a lot of books and its true that I dont have much knowledge in judging a book. But that much I can say that the book has a great way of feathering a real life tale into a imaginable theme, with the addition of magic and the fairy tale effects - which create a longer lasting impression on the reader who go throughout it. I did have the same and when I finished reading the first book of the series, back at the time of my own teenage years ; it was a fresh memory - that I was there to envision myself as the Harry Potter himself.Ha ha!

The early struggling days of orphan Harry and his visual impairment that led him to wear glasses, a novice and timid boy as nature, who had to sleep in the floor sometimes as there were not enough space for him to the house he stayed. The childhood days, of which was full of tortures, deprivations, assaults, less care and adversities and nobody close enough to help him - a character which becomes lively at the days end .

The story gives enough fuel to revoke the mind to open and when I do visualise my own life and then I could get to see my childhood days when I passed a lot of time, neglecting studies, going to distant places and sitting beside a river to enjoy the serene weather, the river and the beauty of it,streaming water that flew on the roads, the memories which keep me energised each and every day. Thats what has the habit of learning a certain thing in life -- maybe in some cases when we get to know about the life,then its those stories that evoke the memories and we pass on our time.

At the end of every book of the take we read, the chapters seem to give us the knowledge and the book Harry Potter gave a quite relative implication of the magical realm of life and how it can be formed, the earliest days of a child and how he brought himself up and the stories in between the lifespan, its rather a unique combination of fairy tales, life's biographies, stories and the earliest struggles as a child, getting included in a magic shool and how he persued a life there, until he got old enough to execute his life to move on.


I think, most of the time we dont find what we want to see, we find only the things we look for. Its a certain case that is truthful in all of us, the life that we lead is not good enough, until we see it from a deeper angle,from a standpoint where people certainly started to foster belief anfld completely came forth to meet their challenges life has in offer. Well,I did learn how to manage such things and carry that forward in one's own personal life, if thats good, then life becomes happy irrespective of burdens.

I would rate 8.5/10 to the book and th series is handy enough to read, I think spending quite a round dollars in the motive of building a habit, thats a great choice and one thing more to say that,when you are spending money to buy a book,its sure that you would never get bankrupted.Time will tell the truth,sooner or later.

Thanks Everybody.

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