SMASh 287 My entry: Shadows in the Gate

This is my entry to @melinda010100's SMASh 287. pLease click the link if you want to join the contest to for Rules

It was a very fine day, I and my daughter woke up early in the morning to prepare for the week's last day of school.

The sun shone brightly, a hint of how the day would go; Sunny and Bright.

@eylii helped me hang the clothes to dry before bathing. I took her to school after and prepared for work

At past 8 in the morning, it was very hot already and the Sun is giving all things their shadow and the gate had no exemption.

This is what the gate from my workplace look like and it is where all the employees would enter. And oh, there goes my shadows too!

As the gate opened, its shadows crossed the wall's as they were made with the same, and created a beautiful illusion of X's.

Shadows do art too! Would you agree?

There goes my entry for Shadowhunter's SMASh contest round 287. I hope you enjoyed my post and was entertained by the art the shadow did. I leave you all with thsi for now, and I'm hoping to see you around. Please take care of yourselves.

Bye for now.

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