Reflections Hunters Contest Week37: My Entry

Hello! Reflections and shadows has been very interesting for me since I knew photography. Its so amazing how you can see what's on the back with the reflection on a smooth surface.

In this post is my entry to the week 37 contest in reflection hunting and how I get to capture it.

This photo below ia my entry to the contest

In a boring office days, I always wait for the afternoon sunset. Sunsets are so interesting and very nicdle to look at that before the darkness, a beautiful sky can be seen.

Looking into the window, I saw how colorful the clouds in the east are so I went outside the building to see the west part of where I am.
An egg van is parked in the place and is reflecting the beautiful orange clouds.

This is how the sky looked in the actual.

Thank you for stopping by on my oost and have a great day to us all.

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