Reflection Hunters Contest Round 130: My entry

This is my entry to @olgavita's Reflection Hunters Contest Round 130

This is my entry: my reflection on a stainless cover on a buffet table. I'm sorry I don't know what it's called.

The reflection was taken last August 20, 2023 at Civoleg Hilltop Hub, Gingoog City where our team building was held.

After the reception, we had a free time from 3pm to 6 pm thus I, and my pregnant co-worker toured around the hub.

The function room was booked for an event the next day so we were catered here beside the pool, under a huge umbrella.

That's me, and the umbrella and my shirt almost look like the same

This is how the umbrella looks like from one of the rooms rented called cabana


Little did I know that we would be having our activities in this place.

The pool was beside it and thereof my colleagues were taking their time to have fun.

Meanwhile, I, and some of our friends were enjoying the cool weather and great ambience of the place.

Staying here for a brief moment is so much fun. in fact, some of my colleagues say they loved their stay as they forgot their problems and debts, funny!

Anyway, that will be all for now, thank you so much for your time and support. Keep safe and stay healthy.

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