Contest ENTRY Show me a shadow

This is my first try entering the Shadow Hunters Contest - Show me a shadow
I just find this community a week ago and I think is very interesting, I just started with my photography hobby like a month ago, and some photos have no were to go, now here they are, interesting shadows (to my ayes at least) and I do have some reflections so maybe I'll go to the Reflection Hunters Contest too.

I did take photos before, I'm not close to be professional but I'm also not new, the thing is, I was always afraid of going out with my camera, because I can break it, somebody can steal it, and both are true but it won´t take any photos in it's box.

Fun fact, this photo was taken inside home... all this time waiting to go out and I took it in the garden.

This one is my entry

Barra espacio.jpg

I actually liked the scene from other perspective, but after watching the photos, I think the one above is the best one, more direct but also with better definition. I'll post the other photo below so you tell me what you think.


I'm still figuring out Ecency, I'll try to post more from here in the future.

Photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix-S6100 camera

Barra espacio.jpg

Espero les haya gustado, hasta la próxima publicación

Muchas gracias por leer

Hope you liked it, until the next time

Thanks for reading

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