Show Me A Shadow-Round 208

Hello Hello and welcome to the weekend!

Friday is normally my relaxing day and today was no exception, so I went to my local park to feed the animals and to hunt shadows!


That picture is the one that I shall use for my entry. I just love the way the tree to my left casts the shadow right next to the evergreen fir tree.

Do you see how there seems to be a curve over the tree? It reminds me of a circular image and that the earth really does belong to mother nature!

I did take a few pictures from different angles and I think the first one is the best. What do you think?


This was another tree just to the side and yes I was trying to hide my shadow 🤣🤣🤣 I didn't do that good a job though haha


It was a fun time and the sun was out, although it was still chilly being wintertime in Scotland. , and I did reward myself with a magical lunch, and I think I shall post that another day.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend


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Haste Ye Back!

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