River high with spring runoff - Reflection Hunters #62

Reflection of a bridge over fast moving river, high with spring runoff. Bridge is over Otter Creek on the boundary of Cornwall and Salisbury towns in central Vermont. Those of you that follow me know this is the same temporary bridge from last weeks shadow contest. A beautiful wooden covered bridge built in 1865 burned down 6 years ago and was temporarily replaced with this one lane steel truss bridge. The two towns recently voted on what type of permanent bridge to build. I voted for a new wooden covered bridge but results have not been announced yet. This picture was taken on a lovely spring day. The river is moving fast enough to provide some texture to reflection. This first photo is my entry into Reflection Hunters Round 62 #reflections.


Popular spot for photos 🙂 This is actually my wife and I confess to occasionally using her photos in my blog (with full permission of course) haha She tried a portrait orientation.

And then my wife tried a landscape orientation.
Her photo shows a little more of the detail of the fast moving river - the currents and some of the logs and debris snagged under the bridge.

I hope you enjoyed my entry into Reflection Hunters Round 62!

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