Entry To The ShadowHunters/SMASh #225


Looking at this picture takes me back to that moment time and time again. The sun that doesn't pierce the leaves of the weeping willow, but creates an aura around the trees. The breeze that speaks to you in whispers, gently flowing over your body. And the shadows of the trees that dance, letting you know that this is a real moment. You're in it! Or are you not? Or is it time to wake up?

My hand reaches for my phone by itself, pulls it out and takes pictures, takes pictures, puts it back, pulls it out again like under hypnosis and takes pictures again. That's what I call being at the moment. When you become a small part of something very big. You forget where you were going, why you were going, and for the first couple of minutes, it doesn't matter. The whole world can wait!

The photo shows the lake near my house, around which I walk every day. There are different trees around the lake, including weeping willows. I often post photos in my Actifit reports. Right now, this photo is my application for ShadowHunters/SMASh Contest - Round 225. I've been watching this contest for a long time, but this is my first time participating. All this time I've actually been preparing for it. I thought I had a lot to learn. I still have a lot to learn. But now I'm ready to try and learn with everyone participating. Engagement is the best teacher for me!


Photo: Belarus, Gomel, 2021


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