Shadow creation is fun

I just realized this morning how much I've missed playing around with shadows. I remember trying to outrun my shadow when I was small, I mean really small. Jumping into shadows was fun too. Watching shadows has never lost its beauty and here I was in the garden this morning when I remembered the shadow hunters challenge.

Some how this challenge has been slipping my mind for the last two weeks so this week I was determined not to miss it. The sun kept playing truant as it has been raining here and the clouds were quite heavy this morning. I had to wait for some time before I could get these shadows. So much for the dark angry clouds there has not been a drop of rain since.


For this shadow I picked up a potholder and a wine glass which were in the garden. The wine glass is real poor quality glass and I had used it to grow some pothos in water earlier. Now, it served my purpose, I like the shadow the glass made , but I loved the patterns the pot holder created and loved the contrast they created together. This could be my entry for the challenge.


This is an lovely wicker and leather basket I had use to display my leafy plants , I picked up some fake flowers my son stuck among my plants and combined them together to get this shadow. I liked how the solid shadow of the basket and the delicate shadow of the flowers worked together, and the light coming through the holes tied up the whole composition together.


I love this ghost cactus' shape so I picked this up and photographed the shadow. This guy is in isolation right now as he has been attacked by spider mites. I have sprayed and cleaned this plant up, hope it works.


These are some of the garden tools I stuck into a container to create shadows.


I had some cute ceramic pots which I have been using to plant succulents. Actually fresh fruit ice-creams we have been eating this summer come in these cute pots. I stacked three of them together for this shadow. The shadow didn't look too good so I made a dash to the kitchen and added a ceramic salt shaker to the stack, I liked the look much better and there you go, I have some neat shadows for this challenge I think. It was fun all the same.

All images are the sole property of @sofs-su.

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