Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh - Round 225🔥

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a very busy weekend with coming eid vacation.
So it’s like all of sudden like before, had a sudden meetup with the below shadows near by house!

Would like to nominate below image for the round 225!

This is all the shadows looks like from a little distance. It’s the plant and all about the leafy effects.



All photos are clicked by myself and the device is iPhone

Special Thanks to my old friends Like @Melinda010100 & @annephilbrick for all you do for this community contest arrangement, I feel good as this hits now 225 ⭐️ what a beau number!

We can use the #archon tag on all of our posts and collect ARCHON tokens. We can also set 5%beneficiary rewards on any post for Archon-gov and receive votes from their voting trail.

Hope you guys will join this contest!
@jahidvor @borobha 👌

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