SMASh 188 - Shadow Hunters Contest

Hello shadow hunters!

Autumn is slowly approaching and it has started to rain here.
The sun has peeked out from under the clouds only occasionally over the last few days and shadows have to be hunt indoors. When the sunny days will come again is also a lottery for meteorologists.
But I took some shadow photos indoors :)

📷 😎 📷

First the shadow of the glasses on the table. They are not mine, but they are for the short-sighted, so for reading the news from phones or computers ... in our house, a classic newspaper on paper is very rarely read these days... minimalistic and clean but sharp shadow and a colorful photo.
That's why I put it first :)


📷 😎 📷

The shadow of a flower leaf on the windowsill in the living room when the sun was shining spread across the wall.


📷 😎 📷

The sun’s rays through the window blinds in the living room create stripes and lines on the walls and ceiling.


📷 😎 📷

And finally, the shadow of the pencil box on the windowsill. The box is full of pencils and crayons, and one USB cable stands out, which we have everywhere :)


📷 😎 📷

5% of the earnings of this post will go to beneficiaries of the community (@hive-179017).

I would also like to thank @melinda010100, @annephilbrick, @shasta, and @nelinoeva who take care of the contests, and @galenkp, @good-karma, @taskmanager, and @pixresteemer who support the community.

Good to know:
Each winner will receive 2 HIVE and 100 POINTS by @ecency, all comments here and on all community posts get staked ARCHON tokens!

I wish you successful shadow hunting!

📷 😎 📷

Stay Healthy!
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