My Entry For Shadow Hunters/SMASh 226 - Snake On A Mountain

There’s nothing like hitting the road to travel, except when gas is over $6 a gallon!

I’m in Eastern California for the 4th of July weekend, trying to get away from the madness and traffic of Orange County.

Driving up here I knew I would be looking for shadows cast by all the mountains, rocks, trees and whatever else I can find. Sometimes though the shadows present themselves while you are hauling ass down the freeway.

I caught this shadow of a cloud on the White Mountains here in Inyo County, CA. There are almost no clouds out here so it was definitely a lucky catch.

It’s absolutely beautiful out here and I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow, but I’m doing it off my phone so it’s kind of a pain in the ass. Anyway, sun has set and it’s time for a beer or two and some scenery viewing. Happy 4th of July weekend to all Americans!

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