SMASh Contest Entry Round 211

Hi all member of Shadow Hunters community,

I am delighted to be entering again the shadow hunter contest. By looking at the title, it is now Shadow Hunters contest round 211. For this round, I want to share the following pictures.

This picture was taken at my new office branch in Cyberjaya. It is an open working space that is provided for the building tenants to share. It is good for the building management to provide the open working space area, because the rented office has a limited discussion room.

When there are multiple discussion / meeting need to be done, obviously the discussion room in the rented office won't be sufficient. So, the next option is to perform the meeting at the open working space.

The only downside of this space, it is a shared area. Meaning, a confidential meeting can't be conducted here. Only a meeting that is general and does not require sensitive data to be discussed here.

As of now, I haven't utilize this open working area. Since most of my time, I am at the customer site or outside having discussion at partner office.



That's all for today. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!

Rosmadi Razali

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