Travel Reflections: Reflection Hunters Round 99

Every blazing light deeply mirrors an overwhelming reflection of happiness only an exceptionally benevolent heart can thoroughly express with affectionate and ironical feelings of pleasure, gratification, and fulfillment despite the social ills prevalent in the world today.

Living in a time and a generation where anything looked possible is undoubtedly a blessing. I had this notion today while reflecting on how yesterday’s day had gone. Let me describe how our day was.

We spent only two days in Bohol. It was incredible. The moment we arrived in Tagbilaran, we made most of our time relaxing and traveling everywhere. Until such time that we decided to go home and travel by ship from Jagna port.

Despite setting the alarm for five o’clock in the morning, I got up sooner. The alarm woke me up, and I spent the next hour simply packing the remaining items and baggage.

We arrived in Tagbilaran City at noon, where I purchased our tickets and paid for the bill of lading. We quickly went to the Island City Mall. It was astonishing how quickly we could get from one area to another.

Since it was passenger season, there were no available slots from Tagbilaran port, so we traveled for two hours by vehicle to Jagna port, for there were no reliable transit options at the time.

Last time, it took us more than an hour to travel between islands. We have a variety of options, including flying or taking a boat. We can either bring our automobiles and drive or use public transportation.

But I wanted to travel by ship since going to Bohol. We have already traveled by airplane. So it is another fun experience to travel in the sea.

We departed from Bohol at around 10 p.m. I was so tired, so I slept easily on the deck inside the ship. We arrived at Cagayan de Oro City at 4 a.m., but I was able to get up at 5 o’clock since I was still very sleepy, so I slept off and got delayed in going down.

Meanwhile, I got up in bed and observed the beautiful surroundings. When we arrived at Cagayan De Oro City, I saw the beautiful reflections at the port, the Super Shuttle Roro 14, and other ships surrounding the sea.

The beautiful reflections I saw reminded me that despite the stresses and struggles I have been going through, life is always beautiful.

Despite the paradox of life, I could still loudly say that there are more beautiful things in life. And that they are priceless things in my existence.

Sometimes, these beautiful reflections may be seen by many. Still, due to a busy life, a lot could continually go back and forth while failing to see the significant perspective of every beautiful reflection of the sea view at its depths.

In the absence of visible light, there is legendary black. But in the presence of black in a colorful world full of vibrant lights and vivid colors, there is an extraordinary brightness.

And that, every so often, we all need to break from the stress, feel relaxed, and unwind in a clear sky and a quiet sea. I am aware of the amount of stress we experience daily. Everyone can experience stress because it is a universal phenomenon. Therefore, feeling stressed is acceptable, and it only means being alive and still battling.

During my travel, I paused, inhaled deeply, and exhaled slowly as I took this natural beauty. In this harsh and unfair world, we all deserve a break and some rest. Hold on. There is a lot to believe in and motivation to keep going as we continue to be happy, be merry, and have a fantastic shadow of dreamy and magically luminous bright lights.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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