The Three Shadows

The three shadows represented the girls who enjoyed morning walks, sunsets, and games in the sunshine.

The Sun is no longer present when night falls, so they want every second of life while it lasts because they know that when our lives are over, and we are in the grave, we won't be around to view and experience the lovely sunshine.

The three shadows were my two beautiful cousins and me. We were at Dahilayan, Bukidnon when we passed by a beautiful sunset.

Can you recognize me in the picture?

I got my camera bag, never tied my hair, and I am wearing a pink outfit. It was a great day because I spent time with the lovely gems in my life.

Perhaps shadow is a clever concept. It appears to be chasing us sometimes, while the reverse is true at other times. It occasionally makes us look silly, and other times, they seem rather unexpectedly, like a work of beauty. But chasing shadows may be fascinating and pleasant.

After the heavy rain, there is sunshine. And we experience the air's breeze and the Sun's first contact with our skin. We also record our shadows. What a beautiful thing this moment is. It is tranquil, and our shadows follow our every move.

We appreciate it so much that we try to capture our shadow in various ways, allowing the sunshine to influence our behavior. Because not every nation would be able to see the Sun. Sunlight is relatively scarce in certain other regions, such as the Antarctic. We are grateful for the Sun's smile because it puts a smile on our faces as well.

The circle of life, which includes joy, happiness, and love, goes like that. But now we have to deal with the second life! While the light is shining and capturing your shadows, time welcomes no more shadows when there is no more Sun.

The same is true when adversity or a storm enters our lives. Issues, tragedies, conflicts, and fears are all transient. The same is temporary in our shadows, and after the Sun is gone, you can no longer see your shadows.

Some people continue to hide in the shadows and believe life is unjust to them. Sometimes I experienced the same feelings and thought I was never good enough. I still aspired to be noticed by the world and have my efforts recognized by the people I knew.

Suppose you let the love, joy, and happiness. Your body, your face, and your friends will all show signs of mental tranquility as you live. When the time is right, you act as a conduit for gifts to every anxious soul.

The three shadows at Dahilayan lived life to the fullest and were always the best of friends. They were playing and having fun outdoors. They are stress-free sometimes and daily enjoy the lovely sunshine. Believing in the Creator who created the Sun's light in our existence. Never give up, never submit, and always have faith.

We appreciate the shadows' reminder of their beauty. After that, there would be no more shadows or sunlight, but it left a bright memory in my heart. My soul is filled with brightness now and always.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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