Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest-Round 296

Feeding the kittens

Throwing out the garbage

Waiting to be fed

Some time back I wrote about this gorgeous kitten who came to be fed. He stayed away for a few days and arrived one day with his brother. It was beyond cute how they bonded. f possible, the brother is even more cute - but they are both adorable. I so wish that they were being adopted as they have such amazing little personalities.

They heard our voices when we arrived in the car and immediately came and snuggled up to our feet, After they had been fed Eden, my daughter went onto her haunches and they ran to her.

They definitely try their luck in wanting to explore our house - and when they realise that we are not letting them stay, they disappear for another few days.

Eden and I are both allergic to cats and certain other animals - but it is still heartbreaking because they are both so affectionate and loveable.

We're getting more and more attached to them. It might be time to advertise for an owner for them on facebook and see what happens.

When they don't come back for a few days, we really miss them and we are both delighted to see them again. So difficult to not get attached.

Thank you @melinda010100 and your lovely teamfor organising such a fun contest. I always look forward to these and need to start entering every week.

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