Beautiful Reflections in the Reflections Contest #130

Beautiful reflection photograph with the new full red moon rising behind

We had a lovely evening at the Moon Walk Event held between Protaras and Pernera.

The moon came up and was red in colour. The photographs do not justify how beautiful it was.

A friend of ours was making and selling delicious beef burgers with garnishing of tomato, pickled cucumber and onion. They were delicious. There seemed to be a shortage of stalls and we only noticed a hot dog stand and stands selling corn on the cob. The weather was still very warm so there was a shortage of people selling ice-cream and sweet treats.

Footprints advertising the event along the path

The event was very well attended. On our way home we saw that the traffic was extremely heavy on both directions.

Stunning view of the hotels along the beachfront with lights reflecting

I saw many lovely reflections and thought about my friend @olgavita who is running the Reflections contest on ecency.

You can see her contest here

Very special thanks to @melinda010100 💕 - our admin and the soul of the community and @annephilbrick 💕 who established this contest and have been supporting it with their care.

Many thanks to @seckorama 💕 for managing the hive-179017 account and voting and commenting on our participants' posts.

I'd like to welcome September Guest curators @manclar and @djbravo 🎉

Thanks to all the curators that spend their valuable time sourcing good blogs to be rewarded. A lot of time and effort goes into this task.

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