Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 164 - my entry


It looks like I have nearly missed my favourite contest, which would be a pity as I have a lot of pretty good shadows in my telephone after my trip to Tallinn. The Old Town of Tallinn is full of quaint shadows, and all you need is the sun which is quit rare in our area in winter. Luckily, that day was great and gave some chances for participation in the Shadow Hunters Contest again šŸ™‚ šŸŒ¤ļøā›… .

This is my entry to Round 164 of the SHADOW HUNTERS Contest "Show Me a Shadow". It was created and hosted by the wonderful team of @melinda010100 , @annephilbrick and @nelinoeva and the other team of @hive-179017 .




Here is the link to the contest:link

This is a shadow, not a photography contest, so participants must be creative to show their nice shadows. Any editing is allowed. Enter the contest - and you will see a lot of talented pictures!

šŸŒ» I wish good luck to every participant šŸŒ»

10% earned by this post go as beneficiary to @hive-179017 ā¤ļø

The pictures were taken with the camera of my telephone Huawei P9 and published via @ecency.

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