Old Tallinn's Shadows for the Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 161

These lacy shadows I found in the Old Town of Tallinn. I was there in the very end of February. I brought lots of pictures of that beautiful city from my trip but, unfortunately, not only them - on my return, I felt very ill, and my test showed covid19. Not the best gift, er?

I am slowly getting better and hope to be able to write longer posts about my pleasant time in Tallinn. I really can't wait when this time comes!





This is my entry to Round 161 of the SHADOW HUNTERS Contest "Show Me a Shadow". It was created and hosted by the wonderful team of @melinda010100 , @annephilbrick and @nelinoeva and the other team of @hive-179017 .

Here is the link to the contest:

This is a shadow, not a photography contest, so participants must be creative to show their nice shadows. Any editing is allowed. Enter the contest - and you will see a lot of talented pictures!

šŸŒ» I wish good luck to every participant šŸŒ»

10% earned by this post go as beneficiary to @hive-179017 ā¤ļø

The pictures were taken with the camera of my telephone Huawei P9 and published via @ecency.

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