Shadow Hunters Contest, Round 145 - My ENTRY


I love the SHADOW HUNTERS Contest, which also has the name "Show Me A Shadow", very much. I always try not to miss it and must say that hunting for shadows as well as other shots made my busy life much more interesting.

This is my entry to round 145. The contest is hosted by @melinda010100 and the posts of the participants are judged by really very talented @annephilbrick just look at her artistic photographs which open every round of the contest! The link to enter you may find in the end of my post.


I was amazed by the shadow of the huge vase with orchids and who can doubt that I started taking photographs of it. You can also see more shadows of the fencing lattice and some other constructions.



If you are also a shadow lover, this link will help you join the Shadow Hunters Contest: link

There are new rules for those who want to enter, so please study them before publishing your post.

The pictures were taken by me on the camera of my telephone Huawei P9. Luckily, this is a shadow, not a photography contest!

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