Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 6 - Late Winter Urban Reflection


This is my entry to the Reflection Hunters Contest Show Me A Reflection hosted by @annephilbrick.


This contest was created inside the Shadow Hunters Community (started and holding by @melinda010100) to help it grow. If you are a shadow or a reflection hunter, you are welcome to visit the page of the community #hive-179017. You will find as contests as a lot of wonderful photos of talented hivers there. The link for the contest is here: @annephilbrick/reflection-hunters-contest-round-6


I have been hunting for reflection, but the task is not easy in my area where the days are still dull with very rare sunshine. Luckily, the days when I was in Tallinn were exclusively sunny and gave me a chance to find some reflections and pretty shadows which I am going to use in the contests.


10% earned by this post go to #hive-179017 as beneficiary.

The pictures were taken with the camera of my telephone Huawei P9 and published via @ecency.