Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 59 ❀️ Announcement!


The last week's Reflection Hunters Contest * Round 58 is now closed. Winners will be announced and rewards given within the next 24 hours.



πŸ“Έ which is waiting for your fantastic pictures πŸ“Έ



10 winners are chosen in each round of the contest. Every winner will get 1HBD + 100 points.
Meanwhile, for the future, I reserve the right to reduce the number of winners within the total prize fund depending on the number of participants and the quality of their entries in each round of the contest πŸ™‚β€οΈ



😊 Now, please take a moment to review

the Contest entry RULES.


πŸ”† Do not forget to PLACE your entry link/photo below in the comment section of THIS Contest post.
πŸ”… Post in the πŸ‘‰ Shadow Hunters Community
πŸ”† Tell us something about your Reflections using at least 50 words in English (in one language) to describe. It is important!
πŸ”…To increase your chance to win, please include more than one photo in your post. Should I mention that the photos must be your own? No plagiarism, please!
πŸ”… We can accept ONLY ONE entry per person in each round. Please be fair to everyone and do not enter from more than one account.
πŸ”…The title of your post should make clear that it is your ~ Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest.
πŸ”… When you create a post with multiple reflection photos, you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first photo will be assumed.
πŸ”†Please use πŸ‘‰ #Reflections as one of your first 5 tags.

Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great-Be creative. This is not a photography contest!
It should go without saying that the photo must be your original work and creativity counts. . NEVER use photos you find on theInternet.

And something else to reminde:

Comments are one of the important things that make our much loved community vibrant and alive!
Thanks to all of you for commenting on each other's posts!

Image credit~@brittandjosie


I want to thank our dear @melinda010100 πŸ’• and @annephilbrick πŸ’• who established this contest and have been supporting it with their care.

I am extremally grateful to the Shadow Hunters Community @hive-179017 mod @seckorama πŸ’• and πŸ’• for their support and contributing prizes.πŸ€—

Our contest is also very grateful to @maonx and @dodovietnam - their donations to our prize fund gave me a chance to increase the prizes for some rounds from 50 to 100 Ecency points for every winner! Thank you, dear friends! ❀️


The Shadow Hunters Community is very grateful to everyone who sets the community as beneficiary on their posts. Any percentage will be appreciated. Do not hesitate to ask me if you do not know how to do that.


If you want to help the community, you may also donate Hive or HBD or delegate HP to @hive-179017. Your delegation support will help build higher VP and higher votes on your posts.


I am setting 50% of the beneficiary rewards on this post as a support of @hive-179017 🐝

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Now I need some time to sort your fantastic entries out. Oh, it is an extremely hard work which is waiting for me - to make a choice, please believe! See you very soon!
The top picture was created by me, @olgavita.
🌷 The GIF comes from the Hive Internet resources. 🌷

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