Can you also see the stairs? - for the Shadow Hunters Contest Round 174


Here, in Estonia, we do not often have days when the sky is clear which is nothing good for shadow hunters but when we have such a day, a lucky moment comes. Our northern sun runs quite low in the sky most time of days producing shadows. My favourite time of a day is afternoon or early evening when shadows are long. Sometimes, they change very ordinary places, painting and decorating them with fancy patterns.

This very ordinary street of a village was changed by the evening shadows dramatically. Instead of a flat road, I saw the declivity with 7 or more long "stairs" that the shadows created. Can you also see them?



This is my entry to this week Round 174 of the SHADOW HUNERS Contest "Show Me a Shadow". It was created and hosted by the wonderful team of @melinda010100 , @annephilbrick and @nelinoeva and the other team of @hive-179017

Here is the link to the contest: contest

Participants must be creative to show their nice shadows. Any editing is allowed. Enter the contest - and you will see a lot of talented pictures and meet a lot of creative people.

šŸŒ¼ šŸŒ· šŸŒ¼ I wish good luck to every participant šŸŒ¼ šŸŒ· šŸŒ¼

The pictures were taken with the camera of my telephone Huawei P9 and published via @ecency.

10% earned by this post go as beneficiary to @hive-179017 ā¤ļø.

If you also want to help the community but do not know how to do that, just ask me.

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