Shadow Hunters /SMASh Contest -Round 297

Happy new week great friends of the Shadow Hunters Community and hive at large wherever you you happen to be, the pleasure is always mine meeting you guys here again. I would like to say congratulations to all the winners of the last round of the contest.

I am joining you again in this round to showcase my shadow hunt in the contest.

I was on my way to a lecturer's office in the University of Uyo, it was a very sunny day and the sun was heating right on my face as I move faster to get a shed. Right in front of me is this young student with his bag hung behind his back also moving at his speed and behind him the shadow beckons at me. And in front of us are shadows of trees mixed with other students taking shelter from the sun under the trees. There and then I pull out my phone and took the shots.

I hereby present the above shadows in this great contest.

These pictures are for the 297th round of the Shadowhunters/ SMASh contest.

Thanks to @melinda010100 for this amazing hunts initiative.

Thank you for your support.

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