Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 166

Greetings to you all dear reflection hunters in the Shadows Hunter's community. It gives me pleasure to join this lofty reflection hunting contest by @olgavita.

Here is my entry for this round.

I was at my client's office at the University of Uyo but he was not in. So while waiting for him in the corridor since I would not want to sit and wait for him inside the office, I look ahead and saw myself in the mirror reflecting from the glass, so I took out my phone and took the shot of myself.

This is the offices corridor, as I waited for him.

Capturing myself even with my phone use in taking the reflected shot is amazing.

I do hope this reflection pictures of the 'myself, the glass,' stands for the contest of this great magnitude.

Thanks to @olgavita for creating the contest and @melinda010100 the admin and @annephilbrick who established this contest and keep supporting it.

I remain @oasiskp2. And thank you for visiting my blog.

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