Someone Shadow on the Sand: SMASh Contest - Round 298


How was your day?

I had a long day at work and the heat here did not help much.

My Sunday physical actions outdoor at the beach contribute largely to improve my performance despite the terrible weather.

Have you seen this situation before while walking at the beach?


I captured the photo above as my entry in this contest.


I went to the beach with my friends.

On our way to the small boat park on the sand we could easily take the photo of our shadow on the sand.

The sun was so bright that I had difficulty to see far ahead.




I can assure that the heat was not decreasing and they were not place close enough to find cover.

The only possible strategy to cool off was the water.

I walked with no shoes while my friend preferred to keep his sneakers on.

The wind comes from the sea and push away the hot air generated from the land. I could easily check this two situations right their within the range of 10 meters.

I could not swim because my target was to walk all the way to the other side of the city.

We met so many tourist on the way to the spot marked on our map.

Capturing shadown on that morning was the easiest tasks possible. No one could miss people shadows on the sand.


It was not too hot near the ocean. I spend the entire time close to the wet section where the waves hit the sand.

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